3 Incredible benefits of posting videos across your social channels

Social media continues to alter the way that people communicate and digest information. Social savvy marketers are those who consistently post new and exciting content across their social media channels. What’s more, a successful marketer will know that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than text-only content.

Video has become the most important form of social media content. According to Cisco, 65% of SMEs and large organisations see video content as the most popular and engaging communication method for their audiences.

So you have to ask yourself: are you capitalising on video content’s amazing reach and audience appeal? It is an imperative consideration for any marketer who wants to grow their brand through social channels.

Here’s why.

  1. Video draws attention

Video is one of the ultimate audience grabbers. Internet users are no longer interested in reading long passages, and are instead looking for sharp and easily-digestible content. This is where video comes in. How many times have you found yourself getting stuck on an adorable video of a golden retriever splashing around in its bowl? We’re all guilty of it.

Awesome video content relies on your ability to create a smart, appealing videos that are short enough to hook your audience but long enough to maintain their interest. You want to create video content that grabs attention before viewers think about scrolling on (i.e. caption: ‘Golden retriever pup thinks his bowl is a pool).

  1. Video excels SEO

Your video content has to be search engine optimised. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have become search engines in their own right, so you have to produce content that is relevant in order to excel your SEO potential.

You’ve created awesome content, and now you have to ensure that the content is going to be seen. Write gripping titles and content descriptions for your videos, backing these up with relevant hashtags that won’t be drowned out among other content. Ensure you add tags to enhance search results across social channels.

  1. Video increases brand awareness

Logos are one of the best ways to enhance brand awareness. If you add your branding to video content and post that across social channels, you will be exposing your brand to a wider reach audience with an interest in your content. Watermarking video content with your logo or displaying it at the end of the video is a great way to connect your content with your brand, keeping it at the forefront of potential customers’ minds.

Ensure you create quality content, including blocking out any unwanted noise and reducing substandard resolution. Video can be the first interaction a user has with your brand, so if they find your content to be of a poor standard they will most likely scroll on and forget your brand forever.

Have fun

For marketers who like playing actor/director, video content can be one of the most enjoyable ways to increase brand awareness. If you’re a little nervous about getting on video check out our recent blog (A shy persons guide to appearing on camera.) It is a great way to show your brand’s personality whilst potentially reaching a significant, engaged audience. Just have fun creating your video content and ensure you optimise it for search engines – you should see your video content bringing in a host of potential new customers.

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