3 Things You Can Implement Today To Protect Your Business!

I hear it all the time, our emails are in the cloud, they’re totally safe.  We don’t need any of that security stuff.  #fail
I’m still perplexed that I hear this from clients’ multiple times per week and you know, couldn’t be any further from the truth.
My next question is always “Oh so you’ve set up Two Factor Authentication?”  Insert blank stare and crickets singing in the background, followed by, what is that?

  1. Set up Two Factor Authentication

So, what is 2FA?  It’s an extra layer of security that you can and should setup on all of your online accounts.  Think, emails, Xero, CRM’s, Canva, Asana, Monday’s the list goes on – doing this one, simple step will minimise your risk of having an unauthenticated user login.

In the case of Office 365 you download an app and within your office 365 scan a QR code it produces specifically for your account so if you try and access the account from a web browser it will prompt the user to enter a code which is generated by the app tied to the users mobile phone.

This is a cheap and easy way to add a necessary level of security to your accounts and mitigate your risk as much as possible.

  1. Backing Up Your Cloud Email Service

Another misconception that because it’s in the cloud, it’s backed up.  Office 365 or G Suite – not so, here’s what you need to know.
It is important to know that both platforms use a shared responsibility model. This means that the customer is responsible for the data stored in the Cloud. As such you need to ensure you have a backup system in place for your email system. Backing up your cloud-based mail systems is a great way to protect your data from both external and internal threats.  Having a 1year retention to recover deleted emails a rouge employee has deleted has saved a lot of businesses.  It’s pretty easy to do, just reach out to your IT department so you know where you stand.

  1. Get a reputable company to complete a security audit of your systems.

Speak with your IT provider to make sure you’re protected a simple audit can tell you were your online weaknesses are.  You can then put all the steps in place to protect your business.  If your IT provider says you don’t need to worry, maybe it’s time to seek second opinion.

Cyber-crime is a trillion, yes….. a trillion dollar industry and the landscape is evolving rapidly.

What’s your cyber plan?  Do you even have one?

Written by Dan Egglestone, from the Stubberfield Group IT.

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