3 ways to make your brand stand out on social media

We scroll mindlessly through our social feeds while watching TV or on a break at work, but what makes you stop on your favourite brand’s post? Is it the image? Is it the text? Or do you just know it’s them?

Chances are you just ‘know’ who the post is from, by how their posts look, sound and feel. Jump into your feed and you’ll start to see what I’m talking about. That’s great social branding at work and your business can do it too.

Experience has shown that there are 3 major things to get right every time you post to increase brand recognition across your socials and in fact all your marketing channels.

So, what/who is your brand. No doubt as a business you’ll have a pretty good answer for this. If that’s the case, you’re more than halfway done!

Next, you need to answer these three questions

  1. What does my brand sound like?
  2. What does my brand look like?
  3. How do I want my customers to feel when they engage with my brand?

So let’s talk about sound – this is the tone and language that you use to communicate. Is your brand fun and relaxed or are you serious and matter of fact? Creating the right sound or tone of voice for your brand will let you connect on a deeper more emotional level with your customer and as studies have shown, our emotions more often than not, control our purchasing decisions.

Now we know how we sound, we need to decide how we want that communication to look.

Your logo is a great place to start, so once you’ve got your logo the look of your brand will be an extension of this. If your logo is brown and in cursive script (what’s that? I hear my children asking), your brand needs to look more rustic and old-fashioned. Having a social feed full of modern and fresh images with lots of white space won’t make sense or be easily recognisable to your customer.

Take some time to decide on how your brand looks, sometimes a vision board is a great way to really focus on this. Think about colours, textures and imagery because all of these assets create your brands look.

Last on this list is how you want your customer to ‘feel’ about you and your business.      Do you want them to feel safe, nurtured, unique, important, happy, pampered, wise, healthy or strong? Once you know ‘how’ you want them to feel you can then align your voice and look to those feelings.

For example, if nurtured is something you want your customer to feel, you wouldn’t communicate with them once per year via email would you? No, you would communicate regularly across various platforms ensuring that your communication provides value and care to those customers so that they feel nurtured.

But a word of warning, each emotional response you are looking for may work against your brand if you let your customer down.

So now what?

Now you get posting, advertising, blogging and getting your brand out to your customers, using your consistent sound, look and feel.

Here at KBB Digital we’ve recently realigned our business and for us we’ve kept the same look and feel but we’ve refined our voice. We’re more conversational and we’re using less ‘industry’ jargon. We are talking to our customers as partners in their business not as our clients. After all, that’s why we do what we do.

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