4 Proven Tactics to Slash Cart Abandonment

It may not come as a surprise when we say your e-commerce strategy can be measured by your cart conversion rate. However with a whopping 69% of users dropping out before they complete the transaction this can be a problem for businesses. Web developer and KBB Digital top gun Jake Crone explores 4 quick simple and effective ways to boost your profitability. Learn the massive impact a well executed intent pop-up, guest check-ins, shipping and remarketing.

Learn How To Optimise Your Cart Conversion


A very common problem  today for e-commerce websites is cart abandonment.   The average percentage of cart abandonment is 69% which is not great if you are trying to run a profitable business.  I want to take you through a few tips to help you reduce cart abandonment.

  1. Exit intent pop-ups:  They are a great tool for catching a user right before they leave with that one last attempt at securing the sale, right before they are about to leave showing them a popup for a discount, free shipping or recommending another product they may be interested in is a great tactic in persuading someone to proceed to the checkout.
  2. Cut out surprises: One of the main reasons someone may abandon a cart is due to surprises at the end, usually the shipping charge.  Be upfront about your delivery times, your payment methods and shipping costs so your users aren’t caught off guard, maybe even try free shipping.  A study showed it’s one of the top incentives to shopping online.
  3. Offer guest checkouts, something that can really frustrate users is forcing them to create an account.  Actually 37% of shoppers reveal that this a major turn off so to save the sale, let them check out and then offer the option for them to save their information for next time.
  4. And finally, if you already have their email address, send them cart reminder emails, sometimes users might just be closing the browser with the intent of coming back, so sending them timed personalised emails reminding them of what was in their cart, even sending them an offer can be a great tool in getting them back on the website to complete the checkout.




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