4 Reasons your logo is important for your business

Nike, Adidas, Apple, Target. When reading that sentence did you see visions of swooshes, stripes, fruit and circles? Of course you did, and this is why logos are imperative to brand success.

Naturally, a business requires a logo as its first point of identification. Let’s be honest, Jim’s Mowing (now Jim’s Handyman, Cleaning, Fencing etc.) wouldn’t have come as far as it has without the image of a smiling, bearded David “Jim” Penman adorning each and every one of the franchises trailers. But there are plenty of other reasons why a logo is vital for business success. Check them out below.

1. Logos catch consumer attention

Let’s use a silly little example. Say you offer a mobile dog grooming service, and want to catch the attention of dog walkers by placing your company name on the side of your car. What would work better? A few bland letters pasted on the door saying “Poppy’s Pup Grooming” or a bold, colourful image of a thrilled doggy receiving the full treatment from the eponymous Poppy?

The logo is the first thing that catches a potential customer’s attention. They see it, they know what you offer, and if they are in the market for your service, they will consider it. With attention spans rapidly on the decrease, logos are more imperative than ever for catching customer attention.

2. They create the ultimate first impression

A brand has one shot, one opportunity, to win over a potential client. Given that the logo is the first point of identification for a brand, it has to be a goodie. Otherwise, you might find your brand alienating what could have been a huge host of potential customers.

By designing a stylish, thoughtful logo for your business, you are showing the customers that you care about your service and how you do business. They will appreciate your brand from the get-go, as opposed to quitting you pre-purchase or, rarely, taking the time to get to know your brand more.

3. A logo is the cornerstone of a brand’s identity

Brand identity is about telling a story to customers, one that resonates with them on an emotional level. Fonts, colours, tones and images are all important aspects of a brand’s identity, and where are they found the most? In the logo, of course.

By ensuring your logo aligns with your brand’s identity, you will be showing your customers that you have a cohesive story to tell – one that could greatly resonate with their consumer desires.

4. A good logo is a memorable logo

When a customer remembers a brand, they remember its logo. Think back to the first line of this article: when you decide you want to make a purchase from a trusted brand, you think of its logo, don’t you? A good logo is memorable and helps to retain a customer that had a previously positive experience with your brand.

Consider your options

What story are you trying to tell? Are you a fun, bubbly company with a carefree outlook? Or are you serious about the product you have on offer? These are the things to consider when designing your logo, and they are all imperative to overall branding success. Carefully consider colours, fonts, tone and images when designing your logo – they all play a vital role in your overall brand identity.

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