5 Reasons WooCommerce Is The BEST Choice For Your Online Store

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress sites. It makes designing and managing an online store easy, with several awesome features including secure payments and shipping integration as well as inventory and tax management. But are you wondering why you should go with WooCommerce as opposed to Shopify or Squarespace?

Well, here is why.

1. WooCommerce is cost effective, it’s affordable

When a new retailer is selecting a platform, price is obviously going to be a major consideration. Ecommerce applications scale from free to thousands upon thousands of dollars a year. However, the price isn’t necessarily a mark of the app’s capacity.

WooCommerce is highly competitive with the likes of Shopify and Squarespace, and what makes it even better is that it’s FREE, meaning any business owner can take advantage of its awesome repertoire without having to sign expensive support contracts

2. WooCommerce is modular

Just like WordPress, WooCommerce has a wonderful set of features that can be extended with plugin additions. Retailers who go with WooCommerce enjoy multiple benefits from this extra modularity. First, business owners have access to innumerable WordPress themes and plugins as well as hundreds of eCommerce-specific extensions created solely for WooCommerce. What makes the modular system so effective is that it helps to facilitate a developers community who create extensions to add specific functionality – this isn’t an option for singular applications. Using the right plugins, WooCommerce can be the ultimate eCommerce platform for all retailers.

These plugins expand functionality in terms of payments, shipping, product handling and more. WooCommerce has also developed several additional plugins for using their store.

3. WooCommerce is perfect for WordPress

WooCommerce’s origin as a WordPress plugin adds strength to the application. WordPress is greatly popular because it highly functional and flexible. Plenty of businesses opt to use WordPress because it provides the ultimate foundation for their website. It’s quick, safe and a breeze to use.

You will be happy to know that WooCommerce inherits all these wonderful WordPress strengths. It offers a world-class experience for both retailers and customers alike.

4. WooCommerce has all your selling needs covered

WooCommerce is outrageously flexible. If you want to sell something, chances are you can sell it with WooCommerce. This includes physical goods, subscriptions, digital products, appointments and much, much more.

Regardless of whether you want to sell a single appointment or a great amount of a physical product, WooCommerce has you covered.

5. WooCommerce has an awesome developer community

Both WordPress and WooCommerce are open source, and this makes it easy for retailers to change core features, create custom themes or build new extensions. For other, lesser eCommerce apps, this is impossible – you will have to pay for a third-party developer to create your website (this can be very expensive).

WooCommerce retailers benefit from a large amount of developers and WooCommerce staff. If your WooCommerce store needs changing, it will be easy to find someone to do this on your behalf.

Now you know the benefits, the choice is yours – Retailers benefit from an amazing host of functions and plugins that makes WooCommerce one of the world’s best, free eCommerce applications. Now that you know the outstanding benefits of this application, it’s up to you to decide whether it will be the ultimate choice for your business – we think so.

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