Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Best Practices in 2019

Finding it hard to reach browsers online?

With a plethora of information crowding your customer it is harder than ever before to get noticed. An effective way to boost your visibility is by starting a blog. However blogger be warned: You must be careful you don’t just add to the noise.

Learn what web specialist Jake Crone counsels his clients on before they take to the keyboard,  from researching customer intent to bulk scheduling and reposting.

Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Best Practices in 2019

Something every website owner has thought about at some point is “Should I blog”. The answer is yes, but only if you do it right.

Blogs are hard, they are a lot harder than people think and can actually be damaging to your business if you don’t do it right.

Here are some quick tips you can remember when managing with your blog.

Think of your customers, and what they might be thinking. A good way of coming up with topics is to write the answer to what your customers might be thinking. If you have a product and customers are asking you does your product do this then write a post about it.

Schedule your posts and write multiple at the start of the month. Finding the time between a busy schedule to research topics and write quality content is really hard. I find it easier to plan out one day at the start of the month to write a few posts, then scheduling them throughout the month. Then I sit back, relax and don’t have to think about a while.

Recycle your old posts, if you wrote an amazing article last year and you’re stuck for fresh ideas then dig it up, re word it slightly and post it again.

Finally, the most important tip I always tell my clients when they ask “should I blog” is that if you can’t commit to multiple posts a month, then don’t do it. If one of your customers comes to your site and sees the blog hasn’t been updated for a few months it’s going to send a really bad message, it looks like you don’t care.

Like I said, blogging isn’t easy, its time consuming and frustrating when you can’t think of anything. Just remember Google is your friend, search around for other blogs, look a what your competitors might be doing and get inspired. Please don’t forget when you write a new blog, post it on your social media and add a link back to your website.





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