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Travelling is awesome

Creating customisable tours for travellers sounds like a pretty sweet gig, and as a travel business is a great way to stand out. So when startup travel agent Boutique South America came to us wanting to grow their online tools for travellers, we were too happy to get on board.


The Challenge

This detailed project required a fully customised package builder for tours and a highly visual shopping experience. As an e-commerce site, it also required custom payment options and traveller information collection similar to travel and flight sites.

The Solution

KBB Digital created a complex e-commerce site with a simple administration process for the owner, Katherine. Bright images help to create an engaging customer experience, and a social engagement strategy, including an industry newsletter and a blog, reinforce the business as a thought leader.

The Scope

  • Design & Development
  • Custom Package Builder
KBB Digital were really helpful in terms of understanding the vision for what I wanted, because it didn't really exist
Katherine - Founder