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Optical Retail

Being part of such a highly trusted industry, Specsavers needed all their internal systems to be of the highest possible quality in terms of accuracy, speed, and usability. So when the Specsavers team briefed us on their challenges and requirements, we made sure no stone was left unturned.


The Challenge

Specsavers’ internal website needed to be more accurate and reliable. Staff needed to know the application would work first time, every time before they were to use it consistently with confidence.

After having issues with accuracy and speed, our stores had lost confidence in the previous web application, and were reluctant to use it.

The Solution

KBB Digital asked the right questions and clearly understood our products from the outset. They were working with some very tight deadlines for a project of this magnitude, and they were all met.

We could see they fully appreciated how important the initial blueprinting process was, and gave us confidence that the product would be 100% correct.

The Scope

The new system is quick, has eliminated discount calculation errors, and wows our customers with a neat piece of technology performed on the in-store iPad.

Since the system launch, we’ve gone from less than 50% of stores using the application to 99% of stores today. Customer use has also grown significantly; from only 10% to more than 40%

A brilliant result. Their creative focus and attention to detail delivered an outcome than exceeded our expectations.
Scott Ivey - Head of Loss Prevention