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Big Wins with Facebook’s Location Based Targeting

Big opportunities for local businesses as Facebook unveils new super-targeting for location-based audiences.

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Location Targeting – Facebook takes it to a New Level

Facebook’s recent update has opened up some amazing opportunities for local businesses, not only to connect with a local audience but also to target non-locals who are nearby to the premises.

Marie Breguet, a digital marketing expert from Kochie’s Business Builders outlines a range of opportunities in a recently released video.

According to Marie, It’s all about the location. You need to

You need to

  1. Identify whether you target people; a) entering your business vicinity. b) live in your business vicinity. c)people who’ve been in your business vicinity recently or. d) a competitors vicinity.
  2. What’s the best tactic for your business and how can you use your competitors to convert new audience to your business.
  3. How can you use emotions queues relevant to your location?



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