Five Powerful Benefits Of Blogging For Small Businesses

Small businesses have to utilise every tool at their disposal to increase their visibility in the market. Even if some small business owners are skeptical about it, business blogs can be just as useful as email marketing and social media, among other tools. Utilising blogs draws attention to the products and services you are offering. Business blogging is an imperative aspect of web optimisation and digital marketing.

If you have been questioning whether to add blogs to your business site, take a look at these five powerful benefits of the tool.

1. Blogs Drive Web Traffic

Every business owner wants prospects to visit their site. However, it can be very difficult to drive traffic without paying extra for it. For example, you can utilise paid ads or buy an email list to increase web traffic. So, without the capital to invest, it can be difficult to increase site traffic. Small businesses have small budgets and for them to increase traffic, they have to incorporate creative methods to catch consumer attention.

This is where blogs come into the fold. A blog is a cheap yet effective tool for driving web traffic.  Every new blog on your website becomes a new indexed page which increases the likelihood of your site being visible among search engines. The higher the visibility, the higher the traffic – simple.

2. Blogs Increase Engagement With New & Existing Customers

A business blog is an awesome way to strengthen your customer relationships. A blog becomes a vital tool that facilitates customer engagement. By creating quality, relevant blog content, a business can build and facilitate customer trust in their products. All that is required is an active comments section where consumer enquiries are attended to quickly and to a high degree of satisfaction.

3. Blogs Convert Traffic Into Leads 

After a blog has directed enough traffic to your business site, it is time to turn that traffic into leads. Since each blog becomes a new indexed page, it means that new traffic is likely to become new leads. This is achieved through adding a call to action (CTA) to every newly created blog for purposes of generating new potential customers.

4. Blogs Increase Your Audience Through Shares

Content sharing is one of the ultimate benefits of blogging. Whenever a customer shares your blog, the people they are connected with see the post and become interested. Equated, blog shares have a powerful potential to drive traffic to your website. Imagine what happens when those friends continue to share your blog over and over in multiple social media websites. Your website will end up receiving massive traffic growth.

5. Blogs Help Stamp Authority Within The Industry

A high quality blog addresses the concerns that consumers commonly share. Every blog that leaves your prospects’ questions properly answered is a surefire way of establishing your brand as an industry leader. Having sales and marketing professionals take charge of blogging is likely to lead to conversions since they have a wealth of knowledge and can produce content that prospects will relate to. This will make your prospects perceive your company as an industry leader.


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