Free Shipping: Rock Your Customer’s World

Do you have a high cart abandonment rate? Chances are your shipping rates are standing between you and your next sale. The latest studies into e-commerce have found 73% of online retailers believe free shipping is critical for conversion. Learn more about this burgeoning global trend with web specialist Jake Crone.

Increasing Your Cart Conversion Quickly

Autogenerated Transcript: Free Shipping: Rock Your Customer’s World

One of the biggest reasons that customers are abandoning their carts is the cost of shipping and it’s no surprise. No one likes the extra charge added on the end of their order online, retailers have realized this and now free shipping is standard on many e-commerce websites. In a survey free shipping was listed as the number one criteria that customers used when making an online purchase, with 73 percent saying it is absolutely critical. On top of that offering free shipping actually encourages buyers to purchase more items, a recent study found that orders with free shipping were on average 30 percent higher compared to orders where customers had to pay for shipping. As one retailer put it, customers seem to prefer free shipping that saves 7 dollars over a product discount of 10. Strange but it’s very real and the data is solid, so if you have an online stock you might want to re-evaluate your shipping options to try and take advantage with this growing trend.

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