How Google Trends Will Transform The Way You Look At SEO

It is no easy feat to generate significant organic cut-through online. With the overwhelming amount of information available to your customers it can seem harder than ever to be heard.

How To Improve Your Organic SEO

By evaluating keyword searches and enquiries, you can now strengthen your businesses SEO strategy and acutely target content that is top of mind. Keep your finger on the pulse with 5 ways to enhance your SEO organically.

1. Share a fresh perspective on trending topics

Google Trend’s “Trending Search Tool” helps you find trending topics over the last 24 hours. You can filter by categories such as sports, health or entertainment.  However when creating your content you need to ensure that you share a new perspective not a carbon copy of what already exists. You will find a unique interpretation on topical events will increase your reach and exposure.

2. Prepare your content for seasonal trends

By evaluating holidays and other inaugural events by date range you can begin to optimise your content and times of publication to co-inside with these events  and attract traffic based on these periods.

3. Hyper localise your copy

Google ranks pages according to who it’s relevant for, so incorporating location information into your content will help enhance your visibility for people in a specific locale. Gauge interest for your product or service by filtering into regions.

This is particularly useful for service businesses requiring geographic proximity to their customer or seasonal products that will only appeal to certain locations.

 4. Choose The Right Browser Channel

Don’t get too down if a keyword’s web search has declined in popularity. It may just mean that your browsers are searching for these terms on Youtube.

A great example is ‘Content Marketing’ – a search term that is diminishing on Google Trends but growing on Youtube. Think hard about where your viewer would prefer to source and consume your information.

5. Develop A Keyword Strategy

By utilising Google Trends queries feature you will get a good sense for the most topical keywords related to your enquiry. Once you have keyed in your keyword, your dashboard will display the top 20 trending topics related to your search and the 25 most popular related search queries.

You can then evaluate these terms based on relevancy, ranking difficulty and how to incorporate them into your SEO campaign.

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