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I’ve put together a team with Purpose, Passion, and a Proven-Track Record

My team at KBB Digital are web design, online marketing and digital strategy experts, with a proven track record for delivering impressive outcomes that drive real results.


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Kochie’s Business Builders & KBB Digital

KBB Digital, a digital marketing agency, is part of (Sunrise TV Presenter) David Koch’s brand, Kochie’s Business Builders and is co-owned by Managing Director, Dave Chaffey.

After Kochie recognised a break in the chain between good practical advice from accomplished digital strategists and struggling small businesses, he invited Dave Chaffey, then owner of digital marketing and web-building company, NetReach, to present on Channel 7’s Kochie’s Business Builders show. Such was the success of Dave’s presentations on digital marketing, he and Kochie teamed up to launch KBB Digital in 2013.

Since its inception, KBB Digital has become one of Australia’s premier providers of complete digital strategies, encompassing Digital Marketing, Web Design, App Development, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Management, for growing small and medium-sized businesses.

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About Kochie’s Business Builders

KBB Digital is an extension of the Kochie’s Business Builders brand.Now in its ninth season, Kochie’s Business Builders (produced by Kochie’s production company, Pinstripe Media) has been successfully helping grow small to medium enterprises, every Sunday morning on Channel 7, for years.

Known as the consummate small-business show currently on television, it serves up terrific tips for business proprietors whether in start-up, transitional or building phases, by bringing together the epitome of business experts from across Australia.

If you miss a show or would like extra business tips on all areas of business, head to their highly informative websites: Kochie’s Business Builders or KBBTV.

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How can KBB Digital help grow your business?

Does the thought of putting a digital strategy into place seem like a head-scratching mountain to climb? No worries. KBB Digital will take the confusion out of how to create a strong online presence, by providing you with clear, easy-to understand advice from our digital marketing experts.

Whether you’re after a snazzy website, have a desire to rank number one in a Google search, or want to get your social media cranking, we’ve got the solution. Chat to us. We’ll grow your business because we’re passionate about all things small business, too.

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Delivering a Strategic Approach for an Iconic Aussie Brand

“As an iconic Australian company, we needed a strategic approach for managing our brand and reputation across multiple social media channels. The team delivered.”

Andrew Angus

Built on a Strong Foundation of Business Success

Born as a spin-off from the TV show, KBB Digital is led by Kochie and a team of experts from the Kochie’s Business Builders group.


Why KBB Digital? We roll up our sleeves to grow established businesses, opening up new possibilities, inspiring audiences and attracting customers. Put simply:

we get more people to click, call and buy