Land Customers With Knock-Out Landing Pages

Are you missing out on browser buy in?

Don’t spend all your energy designing an impressive homepage if your customers can’t find what they’re looking for! Discover the incredible potential of dedicated landing pages for your business.

In this tutorial web specialist Jake Crone covers his quick guide to maximising your landing page potential. With dedicated entry pages hidden from Google search engine, your customers can find the information they were looking for.

Cheat’s Guide to Knock-Out Landing Pages

Autogenerated Transcript: Land Customers With Knock-Out Landing Pages

Most businesses concentrate on building a website with an impressive homepage and that’s important, but smarter businesses out there are really driving results by creating impressive landing pages. A landing page is simply a standalone page that are built for a specific subject or product, they serve as the entry point for targeted website visitors. Landing pages are generally not part of the main navigation of the website so in a sense they’re hidden from general browsing and because they’re not part of regular navigation they don’t have to follow the appearance of the rest of your website. In fact the best landing pages replicate the home page, but with different content and they’re an awesome tactic when combined with targeted marketing. For example a dentist might run a pay-per-click advertising campaign about teeth whitening, rather than click through to the homepage the ads are linked to an impressive-looking landing page which is about teeth whitening. So the user has googled teeth whitening they’ve clicked on a link that says where teeth whitening specialists and then the first point they land is an amazing landing page about teeth whitening. Brilliant, what a consistent strong message to send to the consumer that’s why landing pages help land customers.

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