Kochie’s Expert Panel Webinar Series

Small Business Festival 2018

As part of the Small Business Festival in 2018, you’re invited to join David Koch and his panel of experts as they look at how your business can make a serious impact online. Hear expert tips, proven techniques and ingenious tricks from industry leading experts at the centre of tech changes and developments.

These informative, live webinars seek to reveal the biggest challenges facing small business today and how you can make changes today to help stay ahead of the curve. Panelists invite questions throughout the webinar, where your most pressing questions are answered in real time.

Webinar 1: Kochie’s Expert Panel Tackle Standing Out Online in 2018

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Kochie’s Expert Panel Webinar Series

Practical Advice to Give Your Business an Edge. Kochie’s experts: At the forefront of technology, with an instinct for marketing opportunities, and with a good dose of common sense to keep it real.

Dave Chaffey

Managing Director & Kochie’s Business Builders Expert specialising in Digital Marketing Strategy, Public Speaker, Artificial Intelligence.

David Koch

Chairman & Founder of KBB Digital, media identity, successful businessman, inspiration to our team, and nationally recognised supporter of small business.

Luke Chaffey

Kochie’s Business Builders Expert specialising in Web Development and Search Visibility, Public Speaker, Writer, Google Partner.