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Social Media

Creating Effective Social Media Strategies to engage customers and create long-term value

No doubt you’ve heard crowds of people telling you all about social media and how it’s essential to your business success. Our philosophy at KBB Digital is slightly different.

We agree that utilising social media as a form of marketing can be great, but to really harness the power that it offers, it needs a plan and a purpose.It’s a fine line – if not done well social media can end up as a big distraction that eats up large chunks of your valuable time and resources.

Getting bang for your buck

We’ll help you to create a clear strategy and purpose for your social media activities, that will get maximum effect from the least amount of hands-on effort. Once we’ve provided you with the strategy, tools and expert guidance, you can take charge of the day to day management of your social media channels, or, you can leave it to our expert team, who’ll drive engagement, and deliver results

Social strategies that sizzle

Social media is a great business tool, but without a strategy it’s like navigating unchartered waters without a map: frustrating, time consuming and inefficient.

To guide the way, I’ve put together a team of social media experts to help you create a clear strategy and identify the best platforms for your business.

Our premium and professional service will give you the tools and guidance you need to take charge of your social media program and get great results.

  • Social media delivered phenomenal results - over 1.5 million votes!

    Rescue My Site
    Rescue My Site Social Media across multiple channels - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram

    To deliver a successful nationwide competition, KBB Digital understood that gaining traction through social media would be paramount. Drawing on a wide network to promote highly engaging content, in combination with a strategic plan, brought about a whirlwind of activity. The competition was a tremendous success!

Social media strategy

We develop workable plans to focus efforts and maximise visibility

Channel setup & optimisation

We create optimised accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more

Campaign planning and execution

We plan and implement social media marketing calendars

Content creation & curation

We create and source content to engage your customer base

Ongoing community management

We engage with your community to keep your business in the conversation

Social media guidelines

We can help you to create guidelines for your staff to manage social media channels

Engaging target audiences to increase brand loyalty

Get social.

We’ll help you to broaden your audience, and to deepen relationships with your existing customers by building your social media presence. Increasing your brand’s visibility across multiple channels puts your business front and centre to a highly active audience – the surest way to stay top of mind in a business marketplace.

Get started today.

Are you ready to get started on your social media journey? Take a look at the ways we can help you with social media strategy and social media management, or call us on 1300 887 115 for a comprehensive discussion about how we can help your business to get social.


Social media is a great business tool, but without a strategy it’s like navigating unchartered waters without a map: frustrating, time consuming and inefficient.

David KochDavid Koch - Chairman of the board, KBB Digital

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