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The Secrets Behind Why Position 1 is so Important to any business.

Deep Dive into why Google Rankings mean so much for any business. It’s time to take SEO serious if you haven’t previously or risk getting left behind very quickly.

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How Much Traffic Comes from Position 1

95% of Online Website traffic is driven from Google Search Engine

1. Of that 95% a third of all traffic is attributed towards position

2. In Positions, 2, 3, 4 – 10% of traffic is driven to each ranking.

3. In positions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – 5% of traffic is driven to each ranking

4. The remaining 5 % is attributed to rankings below this number


Google rankings can be the difference of a blossoming business and shutting up shop



How much traffic comes from having the number one position in Google? That’s a sixty four dollar question that everybody wants to know.  Unfortunately there are no official figures from Google, so no one can answer this with any certainty. But there’s a lot of data that’s been collected and analyzed over the years and our SEO experts are capable have a pretty good handle on where the traffic is flowing.  As a rule of thumb around ninety five percent of traffic goes to websites on Google’s front page. A third of that traffic goes to the website in the number one position. That’s a mighty big chunk! A third is shared between the websites in the next three positions. That is positions two, three, four, and the remaining thirty percent shared between the websites in the next six positions. Now pass that, the five percent of search traffic that’s left can be raffled between the remaining search results with Google. Now accounting for more than ninety percent of searches performed in Australia, it’s not surprising the businesses are starting to spend big on search engine optimisation. Great rankings in Google can literally be the difference between a blossoming business and shutting up shop.



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